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Organizing your digital photos

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

As most people who know me know, I take a lot of pictures. And when you take a lot of pictures, you also end up having a lot of pictures. Funny how that works. So, today I wanted to share with you at least one (good) way of organizing your photos by naming them properly. I know there are many many more ways of organizing your photos, but I thought I’d at least share what’s worked for me in the past. It’s not an exact science. It’s not perfect, but I’ve been honing it ever since I started with digital photography. It can be a little time consuming, but having tens of thousands of photos, it’s absolutely necessary to organize them somehow.

One question that might pop up in your head could be: Why aren’t you using one of the existing software out there that are specifically designed for this purpose, like let’s say, ACDSee, Picasa, or Adobe Photoshop Album? The short answer to that is: I am. The longer answer follows below.