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Google Wave, Email reinvented

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Yesterday Google unveiled their upcoming product Google Wave. And if you haven’t heard of it yet, you surely will soon, as everyone is starting to talk about it already. I watched their presentation of it yesterday and was very impressed. It can very well be the next big thing, especially since its being made available as an open standard for everyone to use and build upon, just like email is today, not a closed proprietary system. If people adopt it, this might be the way we communicate and collaborate in the future.

Yesterday, during the Google I/O keynote, Google’s VP of Engineering, Vic Gundotra, laid out a grand vision for the direction Google sees the web heading towards with the move to the HTML 5 standard. While we’re not there yet, all the major browser players besides Microsoft are aligned and ready for the next phase, which will include such things as the ability to run 3D games and movies in the browser without additional plug-ins. But Google wants to take it one step further with a brand new method of communication for this new era. It’s called Google Wave.


Feeding the addiction

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

televisionWe hardly ever watch TV these days at home. The commercials just kill me. And in the US, they’re even more obnoxious and frequent than in Sweden. (that’s really the only other frame of reference I’ve got). I, like many others in these new and interesting times, prefer watching shows on my own terms. Or at least that’s what I tell myself anyway – that they are my own terms, and not dictated to me by some big media conglomerate high up in the sky. So the best way to rebel against this TV nonsense, is of course….. to watch TV. On DVD that is. Or the interwebbietubes.  Because, that’s like sticking it to the man, right?

Right now we’re hooked on the Wire. Previously it was Sopranos, Entourage, Dexter. The list goes on. There are just so many good shows out there and so little time. It’s a little like having an endless supply of cocaine, but not enough noses to snort it with. There ought to be a 12 step program for this somewhere, because I’m willing to at least admit addiction. And  promise to quit right after we finish the Wire. Only 4 more episodes to go.


Bye-bye leper car

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

1999fordtaurus3723-300x189I got a new car. Well, a new old car. My previous one, a 21-year-old Toyota Camry that I’ve written quite a lot about in my previous blog, was still working,  but since I was offered to buy my wife’s grandma’s car (Ford Taurus ‘99)  that she is no longer using for a good price, I grabbed the opportunity and upgraded.

While the new car isn’t exactly new or, how do I put this gently… sexy (according to SNL it’s the car that many thirtysomethings drive to show the world they’ve given up on their dreams), it does possess some features one would consider useful or maybe even necessary for a functioning vehicle, such as a heater and A/C, working radio and both tail lights intact.