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The Switch

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
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Photo by PentaxFanatiK

Yesterday, in my book anyway, was the first official day of fall. This is the day when we had to, for the first time this fall, switch on the heater in the morning. The leafs are slowly starting to turn yellow on some trees and it’s no longer nice and toasty outside. Although the forecast is showing temperatures of around 25 degrees C next week, we’ve officially entered the fall season.

Time to get the winter clothing out of the garage…

Top 10 lists

Monday, September 29th, 2008

What’s so compelling about Top 10, Top 3, Top whatever lists, really? After reading a top 3 list by my friend Jonas, it got me thinking…

They always catch my attention, and I always feel used after reading them. Another 3 minutes of my life wasted or however long it took to click through to get to No 1. Do I really need to know the top 10 signs my dog is gay, or 7 ridiculous ways to die while golfing?


Winter is upon us…

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

It feels weird to say this, especially when the weather has been great lately. Around 30 C during the day. But you can feel the winter creeping up. The mornings are getting cooler and since our house practically has no insulation, we’re on the verge of having to switch on the heater in the mornings. Still not there quite yet though, thankfully.

I had a company dinner tonight and had to put on slacks and shoes. Must say that it felt a little weird after having walked around in shorts and sandals for about 5 months straight. I’ve been working from home since spring and sometimes you’ll be lucky to catch me wearing pants. I’m afraid I won’t be able to enjoy this luxuary once I start going back into the office. Remember to call before coming over. Consider yourself warned.


Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

Hey folks!

First post! Yeay! Thought it was about time I started a blog of my own. I have a family blog that I’m really crap at updating, since I can only be bothered writing in it when something really interesting happens, but then, usually, I don’t have time, or I need to sit and think of something really witty and smart that has some serious substance.

I post on that blog about once a year. Sometimes two.

And even then, the posts are mostly to let people know that I’m alive by posting a video compilation of our latest vacation, or how our car kept breaking down constantly. People just don’t care about that.


This is a new attempt in my constant search of a medium that actually fits me and is more meant to be a blog of random thoughts and fun links that I find online. Not always well thought out posts that inspire deep thoughts and drawn out intellectual discussions. No, this is just going to be random crap I don’t have room room for in my own head.

Enjoy! …or don’t.