Sweden, heaven and hell

Not sure what to make of this, but I’m thinking I must have missed this growing up. Either that or I was just a decade or so late to the scene….

Sweden – land of enchantment, land of freedom, where you are about to see things you just don’t see at home. In America you don’t see beautiful girls bouncing boldly out of the sauna into the snow. In America you don’t see public pornography shops where erotic books are displayed – for both sexes, with government approval. In America you won’t see meter maids who wear uniforms by day and nothing by night….

No wonder Americans have a slightly skewed view of what Sweden’s like……

4 Responses to “Sweden, heaven and hell”

  1. Peter MogÄrd says:

    Hahaha Yeah! That’s exactly how it is today, Peter! Come back!

  2. JaCal says:


    I don’t even want to know where you found that…

    Must have been those crazy people born in the 60s… when the 70s came – everything was calm and nice and boring again…

  3. peteDog says:

    I actually found it on svd.se. Surprisingly enough. http://blogg.svd.se/ledarbloggen?id=9365
    Good stuff :)

    Also check this out…. Donald Duck as a nazi http://blogg.svd.se/ledarbloggen?id=9573. Also quite bizarre.

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