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Password cracker

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

safeWe, as most other people these days, have a computer at home. And our son and daughter sometimes like to play with it. Surf some kid sites, or just play music on iTunes, or whatever. Once in a while however, we lock it (the good ol’ ctrl-alt-delete) to prevent the kids from messing with it too much when we have important things we’re working on at the moment.

This of course, is not very popular. Especially with our son. He just can’t stand the fact that there is a password to access the computer that he doesn’t know. So, the questions keep coming: “What is the password?”, “Why can’t you tell me?”, etc, etc. And when it becomes obvious to him that I’m not going to tell him this time either, he startsĀ  his brute force attack. I see words such as: “administratoror” (misspelled), our last name and his first name, random object names visible from where he’s sitting like “pen” and so on. It seems to me he’s trying his first dictionary attack. I feel proud.