Daily WTF

The internet makes me smile sometimes. Not sure if this is real or not, but I have little to write about lately, so I’m just filling the void.


4 Responses to “Daily WTF”

  1. Plattfotsnäsa says:

    Real or not, damn fun anyhow. :D

  2. peteDog says:

    Indeed Plattfotsnäsa :) Haha, that name brings back some great memories….

  3. Plattfotsnäsa says:

    And I think the other was something like Galna (or galopperande?) Buffeln. Regardless I’m slightly impressed with my own memory when I come to think of it. And which kind of tape is the most invisible one by the way? ;)

  4. peteDog says:

    Yeah, I tried to remember what it was as well. I know it was “buffel” something…. And I think that the tape argument was the worst we’ve ever had in our entire history of being friends. Because, you know, shit like that is really important! ;)

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