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Feeding the addiction

televisionWe hardly ever watch TV these days at home. The commercials just kill me. And in the US, they’re even more obnoxious and frequent than in Sweden. (that’s really the only other frame of reference I’ve got). I, like many others in these new and interesting times, prefer watching shows on my own terms. Or at least that’s what I tell myself anyway – that they are my own terms, and not dictated to me by some big media conglomerate high up in the sky. So the best way to rebel against this TV nonsense, is of course….. to watch TV. On DVD that is. Or the interwebbietubes.  Because, that’s like sticking it to the man, right?

Right now we’re hooked on the Wire. Previously it was Sopranos, Entourage, Dexter. The list goes on. There are just so many good shows out there and so little time. It’s a little like having an endless supply of cocaine, but not enough noses to snort it with. There ought to be a 12 step program for this somewhere, because I’m willing to at least admit addiction. And  promise to quit right after we finish the Wire. Only 4 more episodes to go.

And doesn’t it seem like the shows keep getting more and more “realistic” and “gritty”. Or at least that’s what reviews tell me.  “More realistic and gritty”, they say. How can this be sustainable? With that kinda development in realism I’m fully expecting characters in shows in the near future to jump out of the screen and punch me in the face. Some slight strangulation, maybe. Anything short of that will be a complete failure and disappointment for television as we know it. Either that or they should bring back Smell-O-Vision.

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Only FOUR more episodes and we can finally talk about the Wire without me spoiling anything! Thank GOD! ….. um…. yeah…. if you come across any of those 12 step programs, let me know, k?

I think you forgot Heroes (although it sucks and we lost interest), Arrested Development and Deadwood. The funny thing is that we are very focused and only move onto the next show when we’re done with the one. I can’t imagine how people can wait to find out what happens. I like my TV like books . . . at my own pace.

@chan chan: Yes I know!! It’s been a long time coming. This has seriously got to be the last show we watch for a while. I need my free time back!

@ally: I know, I know. I’m forgetting a bunch of shows. I didn’t want to make the post super long though, so I cut out most of them 🙂

I know what you mean. I was up until 1am last night watching the current season of Hell’s Kitchen, a marathon since we need to catchup. They are such bastards. We say we will watch two… and then they leave you hangin’ and NOOOOOOO! You must watch to see who he will implode on next… Crack. That was my brain.

I am also strangely addicted to cooking shows. It’s an obsession.

The new season of “flight of the concords” is on now…another reason not to sleep…

We watched Hell’s Kitchen last year and got hooked. They seriously know how to make shows that you cannot refuse to watch. I want my life back!

“flight” is also awesome. As I said, there’s just too much and I’m suffering from show fatigue – a constant feeling like I haven’t caught up with all my shows. It’s sick and it’s gotta stop. The Wire is it for a while. Need a break. Gaah!

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