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Friday the 13th day of Christmas

I’m sitting here on the couch at my in-laws house. It’s the day after Christmas and I’m the only one in our family that still hasn’t thrown up.

The wife’s cousin decided to show up with her sick kids for Christmas dinner after they’d been puking for the last week or so at home. This was actually the second year in a row she’d done that, but last year we avoided getting sick somehow. This year, not so much. We thank them for delivering this wonderful gift of infectious disease right to our doorstep.

After I came back from the store, the house looked like a horror movie with bodies scattered all over. And in the middle of this, the wife’s aunt and family arrived, from Indiana. Great timing. Not that they could help it, but it was a little comical to have them walk in as the rest of the family was running for the bathroom.

Now, I’m wondering how long it’ll be till this virus thingy claims its next victim. And who will it be?

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