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Kill all the trees

I’m a little frustrated right now. Everyone is used to paying bills, but for some unexplained reason, bills in this country contain an ungodly amount of crap.  People not living in this country might not know what I’m talking about.

A normal, let’s say, phone bill, in Sweden contains: the phone bill. The end.

A normail phone bill in the US contains: the phone bill, 1 envelope (since a lot of people still use checks to pay bills, so they need an envelope to put the check and the bill in to send back to the phone company), some advertisement letting you know about how absolutely wonderful this phone company is and possibly some more advertisement about some other deal explaining how you can call your loved ones in Burundi for only $2 a minute.

All this translates into a giant pile of paper. And I’m not even bringing up the fact that any living person also gets about 3 credit card applications a day, containing mostly the same stuff that a bill might have. Envelope, ads, etc, etc.

Sorry, this is just something that really drives me insane. I spend a lot of valuable time shredding credit card appplications and other personal information that just piles up each month.