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Last minute ski trip

I bought a pair of old skis today. I figured that’s the first step to actually going skiing. I didn’t want to have an excuse to not go when there’s time, even though renting is pretty simple. It’s just a mental block I guess.

I got the skis off of, since I didn’t want to spend a fortune on equipment that I’ll probably end up using once or twice a year. For 80 bucks I was set. Skis, ski poles and boots. Pretty sweet deal I thought. And after I came home, I realized we didn’t have much else planned today, so why not just trek up the mountain and try them out.

We quickly got the family ready and excited about seeing the snow for the first time this year, and off we went. We just sprung it on the kids, that they too, would be skiing. This would be the first time ever for both of them and they got very excited. We went to Donner Ski Ranch where we enrolled our son in a ski class, since he’s the more cautious one and the one less likely to enjoy it if I try teaching him. The daughter went with me.

They both ended up having a blast and want to go again very soon. You won’t believe how relieved I am. I never thought it would go this well.  There is now hope, that I will be able to go more often, if I’m not the only one in the family skiing.

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Thanks for the link! He did such a good job!

“Its like a dream!” LOL!! Damn I love that kid!

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