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The Julkalendern

Having kids and living outside of sweden has made me more protective of swedish (and polish) traditions than I probably would have been had I stayed in Sweden. Therefore, I’m especially excited every year when christmas time comes around and I get to see the swedish Julkalendern (The swedes have a kids show every day leading up to christmas, starting on the 1st of Dec, to go along with opening  a ‘window’ in the Advent calendar).

Last year’s show was excellent and was available online, but the site or our connection didn’t seem to be able to handle streaming it, which resulted in me having to go through various illegal channels to get my hands on the show. It ended up working just fine, aside from the fact that it made me an outlaw.

This year, seems to have upgraded their site and all shows are now streamed in flash format, and not Real or Windows media, as it was before. I’ve tested it out a bit, and it seems to perform significantly better. Let’s just hope that this will be the case when thousands of alien swedes tune in on December 1st. I don’t want to have to resort to criminal behaviour in order to not dissapoint my kids this year.

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We’re sooo excited! We picked up the paper calenders at the Husband’s sister yesterday (her in-laws had brought them over from Sweden) and are so ready for tonight (especially the mom in the house – I’m VERY protective of Julkalendern… and I will force my kids to watch weather they want or not haha). We really liked last year’s show too – and we didn’t have too much problems. We’ll see how things work out tonight… hopefully we’re the last out to to watch the episode since with the rest of the world asleep… one can only hope… 😉

I know, I’m pumped. I saw the first episode is up already. 🙂 Unfortunately, I forgot about the calendars until yesterday, so I got my mom to ship them today, so we’ll be forced to open 7 ‘windows’ at a time when they arrive.

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