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Walking into stuff

One thing I do not recommend doing right before going into a job interview is walking into a plate glass window. Very few things in life are more humbling than just that. Fortunately there were no eye witnesses (unless a security camera somewhere picked this up and gave someone a good laugh), so little harm was done, besides some non-visible facial bruising, a slightly bloodied lip and a damaged ego.

At this point I would like to congratulate the window washer for a remarkable job. If a video of the event did in fact exist I would allow it to be used as a testament to his impeccable craftsmanship. It could also be used in a compilation of other videos of me walking into stuff, such as: Me walking into screen door, lamp post or a street sign.

Apparently, thinking clouds my vision and impairs my ability to see immobile objects in front of me, no matter the size, often leading to events where a “ding” or “clonk” sound can be heard, and pain felt in the affected body parts. Usually the head part.

I’m amazed I still have teeth. I lost my pride and dignity long ago.

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Ah Petey! I watched my dad run full force into our screen door years ago and the image is burned into my memory. There was smoke coming from our BBQ and he was afraid whatever he was cooking had caught fire so he was moving pretty fast. He knocked the entire screen out of the door frame. I tried not to laugh but the image is hilarious…

Wonderful chanchan! I think our son inherited the screen door gene from me as well, as I’ve seen him do the same thing. Amusing for sure.

@kasia: The interview went pretty good I think. It’s all about who my competition is at this point. We’ll see if I get a call back or not.

Looks like walking into plate glass windows before interviews is some kind of good luck charm. Might have to do that in future interviews as well. Ouch. Got myself a contracting job. Not optimal, but a lot better than nothing 🙂

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