Woo hoo!

2007celebrate41_300Can’t believe I almost missed it!! One year ago today, I wrote my first post. I started this blog to write about absolutely nothing in particular, and thus far I am very close to hitting my goal of being completely irrelevant on the web. I can’t say I’m quite there yet, since there have been instances occasionally where posts may have brushed on newsworthiness or even interestingness (if that’s a word). Honest mistakes, I’m sure, and I promise that won’t happen again, as my mission of mediocrity continues.

Well anyway, I just wanted to pat myself on the back a little as I’m still in shock that I actually made it this far.

Happy New Year everyone!

6 Responses to “Woo hoo!”

  1. Jonas says:

    Here’s to many more!

  2. Olivia says:

    I wuv your blog. Always funny and occasionally informative (you are my tech news). Keep it up and congratulations!

  3. kitofr says:

    GJ pete… u made it! Now you can retire with a smile on ure face.

  4. Lisa says:

    You rock! Congrats!

  5. peteDog says:

    Thanks ya’ll!

  6. chanchan says:

    Me likey Pete Dog! Me likey!