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A little bit of the good ol’ crazy

Election is tomorrow. Finally. What we also vote for here in the US besides the candidate for the presidency and representatives for congress are different Propositions. Propositions are basically issues that have gained enough support publicly, but not received any attention by various politicians in power. In any case, it’s pretty much the closest for of direct democracy we have here in the US. They get put on the ballot and voted on.

The proposition that has, by far, gained the most attention is Proposition 8. A ‘yes‘ on 8 would mean a ban on gay marriage that would be written into the Constitution and a ‘no‘ would leave things as is. Meaning that gay marriage would continue to be allowed and recognized under California law.

As this is a hot-button issue as you can probably imagine and it has the church folks going crazy. I was here during the last election as well, but I haven’t seen people this worked up before. As an outsider, looking in on this election, I find it really fascinating seeing this kind of stuff that’s usually shown on only TV, in your own neighborhood. Below is some footage from yesterday at one of the intersections near us. I drove home today, in the rain, and there were probably twice as many people there…. It’s a tight race according to the polls so we’ll see tomorrow if all this sign waving paid actually pays off.

Casting the marriage issue aside, this would be a very discriminatory law that would deny certain groups basic rights, closely resembling laws that denied women the right to vote years ago. So, I hope the ‘no’ side wins. Although I have to admit that the ‘yes’ side has tons more sign wavers and way nicer signs and based on pure aesthetics I would probably vote ‘yes’.

Update: I went back to the intersection today and embedded myself for a while…. here’s the result.

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