Basement rockstars

Back in the day, long time ago, I used to play in a band. Two bands actually. Both of which are the stuff of legend, but only one ever seen in public. This is not about that band.

Recently, fellow bandwagonjumper-friend Jonas made me aware of a new music sharing site called I signed up. Did nothing for a while. Nothing yet again for another few weeks untill I got another nudge and hint to start using the service a few days ago. I finally broke down and dug through my mp3 collection of previously recorded material that hasn’t been listened to for ages and started uploading.

And now I present to you, the wonderfully unknown basement rockstars Cliff. One of the most unmotivated bands in the history of music, that against all odds, managed to all gather at the same place and time, to record this awesome collection of songs, before splitting up and leaving tens of fans yearning for at least one live show.

Their prayers were never answered.



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This is good music! I really enjoyed the first piece. I remembered vaguely you and the lot playing in the basement of your parent’s house in my childhood, never remembered it was this good 🙂

Jan, you remembered correctly. Although, you’re thinking of the first band I was in: Hollow Ground. I need to post some of those songs also. HG was more in the Grunge/Alternative genre.

The songs in this post were from my second band that I was part of right before we left for the USA. So, that would be around 2003-2004.

Good times!

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