A new phone


Yes, I got a new phone. I know. I totally caved in, bought an Android phone and surrendered my life to Google.  About a month ago, the wife’s phone started to malfunction, so I saw it as a great opportunity to have her be the guinea pig. I thought this was was a great idea. She needed a device to manage her busy life of juggling 2 kids and volunteering for kids new school while having an active social life. And I needed a good excuse to buy a smartphone.  A win-win, as far as I could tell. Worst case scenario, she would hate the phone and I would get something better for myself, having the prior knowledge that hers was a piece of s*#t.

As luck would have it, she ended up loving it. I was then, of course,  forced to buy one identical to hers because of all the jealousy, deep rooted shame and self esteem issues I developed by having a smaller and inferior phone.  I do no longer have to hide my face in shame or face public ridicule as I leave confines of my own home.

I apologize it took so long to write this, no doubt, incredibly important post. It took me about three weeks to type it on the on-screen keyboard.

5 Responses to “A new phone”

  1. Jeff Payne says:

    Do you guys like it? What carrier are you with?

  2. peteDog says:

    Yeah, I like it a lot. We’re with T-Mobile.

  3. Olivia says:

    Finally! So, you’re not stricken with iPhone envy? Good to know!

  4. peteDog says:

    No envy. I like this one a lot. I’m sure the iPhone hardware is superior to the HTC Magic, but I enjoy the openness of the Android platform.

  5. Chan chan says:

    Welcome to smartphone world! You can never, ever, ever, turn back now….

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