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All roads lead to Starbucks

I would normally argue that there are too many Starbucks locations in this country. If asked, I would probably estimate there being about 1 per every 10 people. Roughly. So, in a city the size of Sacramento, we have about 120 000 Starbucks locations.

Again, I could be off by a couple, so don’t quote me on this.

When the wife gets the shakes and need her fix, however, this Starbucks density situation could prove to be a beneficial one. Especially when it turns out you’re in an unfamiliar area without a clue where the nearest coffee oasis might be hiding out.

It is therefore comforting to know that you can get in a car, drive in an arbitrary direction of your choosing and within two minutes be placing an order for a tall latte, to then be able to caffeineate the wife before the inevitable breakdown due to skewed levels of caffeine in her bloodstream.

Thank you Starbucks.

2 replies on “All roads lead to Starbucks”

I wonder how many marriages Starbucks saves? That is almost the only thing I would like an average GPS to have preloaded – shortest direction to nearest Starbucks – with just one press on the screen. In our case it’s not me who needs a fix – but the Husband. You do NOT want to be in a car driven by him if he has not had coffee…

Caffeine addiction is a dark and sinister path to walk indeed.

As far as the the GPS being preloaded with Starbucks locations, I would almost argue that it’s not necessary since they’re everywhere…. But I do understand that sometimes, when the shakes come on strong, even a minute more can be the difference between life or death. 🙂

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