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Bandwagon jumper

I am one. I like trying out new stuff. It’s really a compultion at this point. Any new service online that comes out, I have to try. If you can sign up right away, I do it. If not, I’ll ask for an invite.

Most of the stuff I sign up for, is pretty useless and unnecessary. At least for me, but being who I am, I still want to check it out. Once in a while however, I run into something that really saves my life. Ok, not literally, of course.

Gmail for me was one of those things. Another thing, has been pod casting. I got my iPod about 3 years ago and discovered podcasts around that time and haven’t been able to live without them since. My commute to work without them would have been unbearable.

For some it’s Myspace or Facebook or Twitter. Although I’ve tested all three (of course), I haven’t really loved any of them. I use Facebook, mostly by just updating my status. All the random Facebook apps drive me crazy. I feel old and cranky when people throw a zombie at me or Vampire bite me and I ignore them. Just never really understood what the point was. No bad feelings, folks. I’m just too busy bandwagon jumping to have the energy to understand the meaning of all the weird Facebook apps out there.

Anyway, my not-so-super-recent bandwagon jumping was to start using FreindFeed. I’m not sure it’s one of those life-changing things, but it’s proven to be pretty useful. Although, I think it might become more useful if I actually had friends using it too. It’s pretty much a feed aggregator with various social networking features. A little like facebook, I guess, but not really. What I like about it is, that you can create your own Imaginary Friends, if let’s say, you can’t convince any of your friends to join. By doing that, you can basically create an account for your friend (only in your profile, and not giving out email or other info about that friend), by adding your friend’s various rss feeds in one place and then subscribe to them. So, that’s what I’ve done. I know, I’m so pathetic, I have to create imaginary internet friends. Just so you, a few of you guys have gotten that honor.

So, what I’m saying is: Anybody wanna be my real FriendFeed friend? Or even better, is somebody using any cool web application that I haven’t used yet? Or one that they can’t live without?  Any recommendations? I want to know… and probably join.

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Yeah, I know we’ve been talking about that, and I feel a lot like a bandwagon hopper too, sometimes. Some web apps stick and some don’t, but I always have to click that “Sign Up”-button just to check out what the buzz is all about.

I use many of the Google apps (Gmail, Reader, Calendar, Analytics, Docs, et al), Flickr, Delicious, YouTube, Vimeo and yes, Myspace and Facebook. The two latter are annoying in very different ways, but I think FB has a lot of advantages over Myspace, at least now when FB has cleaned up the app mess on everybody’s profiles.

My latest finds are two Swedish music related services called Spotify and Soundcloud. Spotify probably don’t need an introduction (and I think it’s almost as fantastic as people say :), Soundcloud is an interesting take on building a service around music files, in some ways I think it’s everything that the music pages on Myspace really should be.

I will check out FriendFeed, Peter, don’t you worry… 😉

I always know I can count on you Jonas. I’ll check out Soundcloud, as it’s one of those I haven’t joined yet. Spotify, as you know, isn’t open to US users yet. If ever 🙁 Damn you RIAA…

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