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On the fence

htc-magic-vodafoneHere I am, at the dawning of an imminent release of a new smart phone by my cell phone carrier. I’ve been contemplating getting one for some time now and the new one that’s being released looks pretty interesting. No, it’s not an iPhone. Those are exclusive to the AT&T network, to which I’m not connected. I could change, I guess, but I don’t want to. Because I don’t really want an iPhone. Why? Well, let’s say it’s for ideological reasons. I’m just not very wild about the fact of having Apple controlling what I can or can’t do (not that they don’t already, since I own an iPod). Yes, I know. I can jailbreak it. Although, that just seems like a giant hassle, and again, it would just piss me off having to bypass something that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

So, the phone I’m talking about is the HTC Magic which uses the Android operating system. On the T-mobile network it will be called “MyTouch“,  a horrible name, leading any clean mind with pure and innocent thoughts straight down into the sewer. But despite the name, it looks like a very compelling device. It’s already been out for a while in Europe as I understand, but is just now coming to the US. It’s got all the good stuff that you would expect from a smart phone. Camera, touchscreen and access to thousands of apps on the Andriod Market. There are of course minor issues that would annoy the bejezus out of me too. And they are really minor, yet just as annoying as that STD you got on your happy fun trip to Thailand last year. There’s no official Facebook app!! Apparently there’s a pissing contest between Facebook and Google about some advertising deal that went sour. Not sure what, but who cares, right? Give me my Facebook app!! That’s of course just one of the things, but there are more, I’m sure. And things like that just have a tendency to turn me off and scrap the whole idea of getting a smart phone altogether.

Dagens I-lands Problem

Dagens I-lands problem

I feel somewhat inspired by the Swedish comedy show “Hipp Hipp” and have to post, probably the first of many, posts named after the sketch “Dagens I-lands problem“. This loosely translates into something like “Problems of the western world”, or “Problems of the Industrialized world”.  Anyone who is familiar with the show, will know that the “problems” that they refer to are no real problems at all, at least if you compare them to the struggles to survive people go through in developing countries around the world.

With that framing in mind, here’s my “problem” I was faced with at the store yesterday:

I went up to the front entrance, and stood there, waiting for the door to swing open. It never did. As it turned out, the automatic doors were not working and, get a load of this, I had to open them myself. Can you belive that? This is almost as much of a problem as having to walk up an escalator that’s out of order. Unacceptable!

Dagens I-lands Problem.