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Space lady

Just remembered a funny little exchange we had with our son on our way up to Tahoe last weekend.

We’re driving along, with our GPS turned on for directions. A female voice keeps telling us where to turn and how far it is till the next whatever….. All of a sudden our son starts asking about how the GPS works. We’ve had the thing for almost a year now, not sure why he felt like he needed to know this stuff now.  I’m driving, so my wife tries explaining. She goes on with quite an elaborate explanation about how there is a satellite in outer space that sends coordinates to our little GPS unit, and that the unit then translates those coordinates and shows them to us on a map, etc, etc.

We could hear cogs turning in his head at this point, and after a moment of silence, he finally asks:

– So, Is there a lady up there in space, in that satellite, talking to us?


A trip to Tahoe

We decided to take a trip up to Lake Tahoe this weekend with my in laws. My wife’s aunt has a place up there on the California side, not too far from Meek’s Bay. It’s really nice and it’s great to be able to stay there once in a while, especially in the winter, since it’s really close to great skiing such as Squaw Valley and Heavenly. I keep kicking myself that I haven’t been able to go there for skiing yet, even though I’ve lived in California for over 4 years now. One of these days I’ll go. Maybe even this year. The excuse so far has been that the kids have been too young, but that’s not the case anymore. I think it would help if my wife liked skiing as well, which she unfortunately doesn’t. I’m hoping that the kids don’t follow her footsteps. Indoctrination to follow.