The Good Life


Today we had frost in the morning. It’s the second time this year and I don’t like it. Unfortunetly we’re not immune to it here in Northen California. We have to suffer through it much like the Scandinavically challenged people of the north.

This however presents a slight problem for me since my transportation unit lacks that one very significant feature that really helps out when a wind shield is completely frozen over. Heat. A minor detail, I know, but since I’m also missing a scraper, and keep perpetually forgetting to buy one, I end up resorting to a water hose as my only weapon in the battle of this horrible condition, widely known as frost.

Each year, about this time, the thought crosses my mind of maybe getting a new mode of transportation. Then it vanishes just as quickly as it came. After all the thing is still rolling. And it’s cheap. I do have gloves, so who needs heat? I tend to dress knowing that the defroster in my vehicle is actually working against me. And in a weird way, that’s kind of comforting. It’s my trusted friend, that I like despite its shortcomings.

Now, if we could speed this winter thing up a bit, I’d really appreciate it.