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Lame duck

Not too surprisingly, I passed today’s citizen test and am almost a US Citizen now. I’m in, what might be called, Citizenship purgatory, or maybe even better, a form of Resident Alien lame duck status. Either way, all the hard work as been done and I’m now awaiting the Oath ceremony where I get to hold up my right hand and swear to only do good things and always be prepared. No wait, that’s boy scouts…

To say the test was easy would be an overstatement. There were 4 or 5 questions on basic US history and government asking things like, what the capitol of California is, etc and for the English writing and comprehension I had to read this sentence: “Where is the White House?” and write “The White House is in Washington DC”. I think my daughter who is 5 could have passed that.

A short moment after the history and English test, another person went over my application with me again. I had to restate that I hadn’t overthrown any governments or joined any terrorist networks since I first filed to become a citizen. And shortly after that, I was done. Just like that. And in a month or so, if they don’t change their minds, I’ll be allowed to start my campaign to run for Governor. Move over Arnold.

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