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Time to take a test

american-constitutionSo, tomorrow is the D-day for my naturalization, as I understand it. I’m going downtown to take the test to become a citizen of this glorious country. I’m still a little confused about the process. I’m not sure if I just take the test, and then leave to come back for the swearing in ceremony, or if that’s done there the same day? I guess I’ll find out soon enough. (if I even pass that is, don’t want to assume too much).

I’ve been studying for the last few days, so I think I know more about the US government than most natives of this country. Usually, when in doubt, the answer any question on the test, is George Washington. By answering that, I’ll at least get 3 or so questions right. Probably enough to get me deported.

In any case, wish me luck.

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Good Luck, Pete!

I am sure you will do fine and besides, you’ve been mistaken for being a “good ole red blooded American kid” since you were 19, ’bout time you were all official and sh*t!

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