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One feed to rule them all

facebookevilI’m constantly in search of the ultimate web tool/service to aggregate all my feeds and where I can update everything in one place without having to login to each and every service I use. Well, I’m also somewhat paranoid about the information I want to be available to whoever searches Google to find something incriminating about me. Not that there should be anything incriminating, but still. Paranoia is a wonderful thing.

And, yes, I know that there are services like that can do the updating for you, but for some reason my paranoia is telling me not to use it. I know I’m contradicting myself here. There’s absolutely no logical reason in my argumentation. I’m painfully aware of this. Anyone with the smallest bit of web savvy can track me down in no time, as I’m splattered all over the interwebby tubes anyway.

I use multiple services such as Youtube, Flickr, Friendfeed, Digg and up till now I have been using Friendfeed to aggregate all those into one mega feed and import that into Google Reader and it’s been working out great. Now, with the new Facebook interface, it looks like they are copying a lot of the Friendfeed functionality where you can incorporate those feeds into your profile. I actually like this, because even though I’m a fan of Friendfeed, it’s just another service to keep track of that I don’t really need if Facebook is already doing the same thing. Sorry Friendfeed.  Now, if Facebook stops wanting to own everything I post and quits mucking around with their Terms of Use, that would be perfection…..

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Ok, I take most of this post back. Facebook is a complicated mess I can’t figure out. Think I’m just gonna go back to writing emails…… hmph. I’ve been trying to get this post automatically pushed to my facebook feed, but for some reason it’s not working. It’s appearing in my profile, but not in my newsfeed. I’m frustrated. I’m going back to my old ways of doing things, so I don’t waste any more friggin time on this……..

Jag har inte letat jättenoga, men jag hittar inget särskilt nytt på FB som inte har funnits där iaf sedan i somras (då jag först testade att låta FB:s Notes fungera som “blog-preview” via RSS). Jag la dock ner det eftersom jag inte vill att alla poster ska hamna på Facebook, jag vill ha lite kontroll över det. 🙂

Berätta gärna mer om det är något jag missat.

Det är möjligt att det jag försöker göra redan gick att göra i gamla versionen av FB. Vad jag inte såg i den gammla versionen var att man kan lägga till digg och flickr så att dom dyker upp i ens newsfeed utan att behöva installera specifika appliaktioner. Fanns det kanske i gammla FB? I så fall missade jag det…..

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