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The Love for Songsmith

I posted a “infomercial” of Microsoft Songsmith a while back, and since it surfaced, tons of clips have surfaced on youtube of people that ran vocals of real songs through the software to have it generate the instrumentation. Hilarious results  followed…..

How about Roxanne by the Police …. by Songsmith:


Queen – We Will Rock You  …by Songsmith

or even..

Van Halen – Running With the Devil …by Songsmith

Although, I think this dude takes the cake. This is some guy auditioning a  black metal “song” that circulated the web a while back. Someone, of course, had to take his vocals and run them through Songsmith.  Haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

Now try searching for your favorite songs destroyed by Songsmith. Fun for the whole family.

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owie owie owie! Ouch! Somewhere, an angel just lost it’s wings and started drinking dirty martinis… Yikes!

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