Tech Junk

iPhone users are assholes

I don’t mean you, of course! You’re awesome! Just those other smug idiots.

Maybe this isn’t a rule exactly….. exceptions exist I’m sure. I’m just saying that I haven’t met anyone with an iPhone that’s not a douche. Yet, anyway. Please, someone, prove me wrong.

Maybe it’s just me being jealous.

Maybe I just want one myself.

Maybe this video says it all…….

Random Crap


Hey folks!

First post! Yeay! Thought it was about time I started a blog of my own. I have a family blog that I’m really crap at updating, since I can only be bothered writing in it when something really interesting happens, but then, usually, I don’t have time, or I need to sit and think of something really witty and smart that has some serious substance.

I post on that blog about once a year. Sometimes two.

And even then, the posts are mostly to let people know that I’m alive by posting a video compilation of our latest vacation, or how our car kept breaking down constantly. People just don’t care about that.


This is a new attempt in my constant search of a medium that actually fits me and is more meant to be a blog of random thoughts and fun links that I find online. Not always well thought out posts that inspire deep thoughts and drawn out intellectual discussions. No, this is just going to be random crap I don’t have room room for in my own head.

Enjoy! …or don’t.