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iPhone users are assholes

I don’t mean you, of course! You’re awesome! Just those other smug idiots.

Maybe this isn’t a rule exactly….. exceptions exist I’m sure. I’m just saying that I haven’t met anyone with an iPhone that’s not a douche. Yet, anyway. Please, someone, prove me wrong.

Maybe it’s just me being jealous.

Maybe I just want one myself.

Maybe this video says it all…….

5 replies on “iPhone users are assholes”

Wow, that’s some start!

Isn’t this something that can be said of any Apple user? We truly believe that we are more beautiful and succesful and live better lifes. Crash free, free of viruses and more expensive, of course.

I think The Jesus Phone is a better moniker than iPhone.


The morning news on the radio this morning was actually about that iPhone is at last coming here to Luxembourg kind of soonish. There’s no exact date yet. Wasn’t it something like a year ago it was launched? Is this delay a stupid way to keep the interest up and the buzz going on in the media?

Since I sadly had to come to the conclusion that my iPod is very cute but the functionality stinks I’m keeping my distance from everything with an apple on it, in fact I’m allergic to apples that is not not cooked, grilled or steamed.

@Jonas: Thanks. Yeah, you mac users are very smug indeed. Ha. But, as more and more people are getting a mac, I’m hearing more virus issues with macs, as it all of a sudden makes sense for hackers/crackers to write viruses for it. Windows has been the big target for years, since so many people have it.
And, you’re right about the Jesus Phone. That’s a more appropriate name. With the iPhone 3G we now also have the second coming. Praise the Lord!

@Teresa: Stay away from the iPhone. It’s like crack. Once you get hooked, you too will be uploading your shoppinglist to your blog, or whatever 😉
It is a really nice device though, all kidding aside. I’m just refusing to get one because, that would force me to spend every waking hour in front of some kind of screen. I spend so much time by the computer as it is, don’t need yet another portable device that will drain the remaining life out of me…. 🙂

I haven’t heard of a virus for the mac either, but lately, I have heard of more and more patches to Mac OS X which means more and more people are looking at finding flaws, which will in time probably lead to more malware targeting the Mac.

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