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Microsoft ads

So, I guess the talk of the town (on the internets anyway) are the (so far) two new Microsoft ads starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld.

Microsoft has gotten tons of flack saying that the ads are dumb, pointless and just plain bad. I guess, since Microsoft is spending $300M on their ad campaign, they expect something superhuman. Most people tend to focus on the fact that this campaign isn’t counter attacking Apple’s Mac and PC ads, and blow them off because of that.

I actually kind of like them. And there is tons of subliminal stuff that you will catch if you watch it multiple times. I’ve heard some interpretations of it in various podcasts and blogs. And in true Jerry Seinfeld fashion, there’s also a bunch of irrelevant weirdness. So, in a way, it does feel like a Microsoft sponsored episode of Seinfeld.
The ads do make Bill out to be a slightly mentally retarded genius, a Rain Man type person, if you will, but it doesn’t seem to bother him too much. The commercials might not make me run out and buy Windows exactly, but I think that their goal with this campaign is to get people talking. And boy, have they succeeded with that! Everyone seems to have an opinion about it. Even me.

Anyway, see for yourselves…