Watching Hulu from outside the US

Not sure how many of you are interested in watching some of the latest television shows over the internet. Anyone? Well, if you live in the US you can basically watch it all on Hulu. Legally. If you’re outside the US however, you’re out of luck.

Well, that’s unless you do some tweaking of course. Below is an easy way of setting it up. And when it’s done, you can enjoy shows like Lost, Heros, The Daily Show, etc just as we do over here in the US.

Let me know if this works…… I’m curious…

3 Responses to “Watching Hulu from outside the US”

  1. Jonas says:

    Jag testade när jag läst den här posten, men fick det inte att funka riktigt. Jag kommer in och klippen ser ut att börja ladda, men sen händer inget. Tyvärr.

    Jag ska göra ett mer seriöst test nån annan gång. :)

  2. peteDog says:

    Hmmm.. ok. Gör det. Det vore kul om det funkade….. Det verkar iaf som att andra har fått det att funka, iom att videon finns.

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