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Winter on hold

Since my last post, I guess Winter decided to hide a little longer. I can’t really complain about winter being here when it’s 35 degrees C outside.

Well, we took the opportunity and went up the hill into the Sierra’s to go Apple Picking with the kids. We went to a place called Apple Hill where we’ve been a few times before. It has become somewhat of a family tradition at this point. The kids love it and it’s great for us adults as well as we get to get out of the house and hang out a little bit outside, away from the computer. And this time, we could show up in shorts and T-shirt as it was over 30 C up there as well.

I really hope it stays like this for another few weeks, I’m not ready for winter just yet.

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No you really can’t complain. Look, you must have completely forgotten how Sweden is like. The climate, language AND the girls???

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